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Monday, March 05, 2007

SSP Conference

Our Conference on saturday was great, here's my speech and some pictures of me with SSP List and Council candidates.

SSP Conference Speech – Feb 2007
Thank you.
I’m Colin Fox, the national convenor of the SSP. I thought I’d better introduce myself to you, because according to last nights BBC ‘Politics Scotland ‘show nobody knows me. So consider yourself party of an elite club if you do.
I don’t know if this is often said about the Langside Halls, but we are in a far better place than we were 6months ago, at last conference.

Welcome and thank SSP members across Scotland for continuing support and for responding in the best way possible to the terrible events of last year, by rolling up your sleeves, rebuilding SSP branches and preparing candidates for the forthcoming Holyrood and Council elections.

I especially want to welcome the dozens of new SSP members for whom this is their first conference, you are playing a very important part in replenishing this great party of ours.

And I want to congratulate you all for delivering 250,000 newspapers door to door around Scotland these past 6 weeks and proving that not only that the is SSP back in business but its in a street near you.
250,000 newspapers [John Knox anecdote.’Colin, got one of your newspapers through door last night, your people -Arapaho’ It was me.!’]

On another occasion in Gilmerton a guy comes out just as I’m pulling my hand out of his letterbox.
Says I to break the awkwardness realising he recognises me
‘Do you think Tony Blair delivers his own leaflets?’
‘Listen son if Tony Blair came into this scheme he wouldnae be able to deliver one leaflet – B***#**#!”

Proud to be here and to stand alongside each and everyone of you in, still, the biggest and best and most successful socialist party in Scotland.

Philosophers have remarked - If God didn’t exist then it would be necessary to invent one. So too the SSP.
[SSP’s most successful recruitment poster shows ‘Thatcher becoming Blair’. We have ordered one final rerun from the printers before we get it amended to show Gordon Browns ugly mug]
Tony Blair hovers over the Holyrood election campaign. Poor Jack McConnell is gutted. He would have given his eye teeth to be fighting this election after Blair had gone.
Poor wee Jack. He knows Blair is a liability for Labour and he knows he’s in for ‘a doing’ because of that.
Ironic that the man who led Labour to three historic election victories has become such a liability.
Mind you in the ‘half finished’ Scottish Parliament Blair dominates the place all the time. He is its sugar daddy - the Daddy Warbucks to wee Jack’s orphan ‘Annie’!
He hands out the pocket money. We aren’t allowed to hold all our own money that would be a full Parliament.

Blairism pre-dominant these last 4 years. I’ve never been one for name calling in politics. Tony Benn insists politics should be about policies and not personalities. I agree. But you could say Jack McConnell is an ape.
I am not saying he has a hairy back you understand!!!!!
It’s just that he loyally apes everything Blair does.
Blair supports Trident Two, so wee Jack McConnell says ‘I support Trident Too’!
Blair supports 20 more nuclear power stations, Jack says ‘I support 20 more nuclear power stations too’.
Blair supports the illegal and barbarous war in Iraq, Jack McConnell supports it too.
Blair supports rendition flights, so does Jack. Blair supports dawn raids, so does Jack.
Blair builds private hospitals, schools, prisons etc, so does Jack
Blair says we cannot afford pensions, Jack McConnell says likewise.
Blair widens the grotesque inequalities and so does Jack McConnell.

If ever you needed reminding just why Scotland needs the SSP today take a look at Tony Blair - the greatest recruiting sergeant the SSP has.

Scotland needs the SSP. Look at the stories in this weeks papers.
-On Tuesday Halifax Bank of Scotland announced record profits £5.5bn.
This is the bank remember who swindled 40,000 Fairpak customers out of £40m before Christmas.
Who else demands they reimburse the Fairpak customers like Suzy Hall?
-And on Thursday the Royal Bank of Scotland disclosed record profits of £9.7bn. They declared a 25% dividend to shareholders. And who do you think their shareholders are?
The single parents who ran out and bought up the £5shares out of their benefits and who stand to collect a nice wee nest egg?
Or the pensioners who used the winter fuel allowance last year instead of keeping warm rushed down to their nearest friendly stockbroker and said ‘buy, buy, buy’.
Or maybe the disabled and chronically ill who were sick of living below the poverty line and skipped paying £6.75 for their prescription medicines and walked into the nearest Royal Bank branch and declared ‘gie’s ma share!’
Or perhaps the Scottish children who sit bottom of the 21 countries in the Unicef Report Card 7 ‘Child poverty in perspective’?
Or even the 900,000 Scots according to yesterdays Child PovertyAction Group report living below the poverty line – 240,000 of how are children.
Will any of these groups of needy people get the RBOS dividends?

No, that’s just not going to happen, not one chance in 9.7billion!
The dividends go where they always go, to those who already have the money. Our banks are owned by the wealthiest 1% of society.

But on the same day the Banks declared record profits ‘the banks’ manager’ Gordon Brown told 1million NHS staff and their families to expect a pay cut next year. Pay rises of 1 or 2% when inflation and the RPI is more than double that - a cut in living standards for workers.

And what will the unions do? Surely not just loyally pay millions to Labour in dues as usual?
I appeal to trades union members everywhere but particularly in the public sector where the vast majority now are to be found, think seriously here. ‘Why vote Labour when attack your living standards? Why continue to pay the fist that slaps you?’
New Labour does not deserve the support of trade’s unionists.

No wonder a growing number of unions are disaffiliating from Labour.

If ever the people of Scotland needed reminding of the need to maximise the vote for the SSP on May 7th consider New Labours record and expect more of the same.

BLAIRS Legacy –IRAQ. And his parting gift? –TRIDENT
He is a warmonger who shows no sign of remorse and spends £100bn on nuclear weapons of mass destruction designed to terrorise the world.
And whilst we are on Trident please don’t let anyone ever tell me
for free school meals,
for free prescriptions,
for free public transport,
for a decent pension for our senior citizens,
for hospitals and schools
- Not when there is £100bn available for Trident!

New Labour will continue their assault on working people!
Hands up who remembers Gordon Brown opposing the strategy of Blair in Iraq, on Trident, on privatisation.
Hands up who thinks that our public services are safe in the hands of Gordon Brown or Jack McConnell- built more private hospitals, schools, prisons, than Thatcher.

There is a line in the film ‘The Colour of Money’ I like, where the John Travolta/Bill Clinton character is told ‘any idiot can burn down a barn’.
In other words it’s easy to criticise New Labours record as they defend the class interests of the rich and powerful. What has the SSP to offer?
First of all we fill the huge vacuum on the left of Scottish politics;
Labour has abandoned any commitment to socialism, to public ownership and public services or redistribution of wealth.
They have abandoned the peace movement to side with the world’s warmongers and militarists.

SSP was founded because millions of people were disenfranchised, having nothing in common with New Labour, had no one to vote for, no one to whom they could turn and put their hopes in for the future.
That constituency of people remains and is very very sizeable indeed.

Let’s remind ourselves of the SSP’s record
Founded in 1998, we united the left. In 2003 we MSP’s were
-elected to challenge New Labour and represent the anti war movement and we did.
-elected to represent the interests of working people, trades unionists and the poor and we did
No one has been on more picket lines and protest marches and union lobbies and supported union cause than us.
-elected as workers representatives taking only workers wages – and we have done.

Alan has outlined the Manifesto already and so let me say only this - an independent socialist Scotland remains our goal, but day to day improvements for working people is the measure of our short term achievements. And we can point to many many achievements already.
Perhaps most noticeably yesterday when Jack McConnell announced 80,000 more children are to get free school meals.
Let’s be absolutely clear this concession would not have been made without the pressure brought to bear by our Bill.
So too the breakfast clubs, the water fountains and the free fruit, all concessions to the arguments we have championed.

The same can be said about the prescription charges Bill.
We won the arguments and forced concessions even though the Bill itself was voted down.

Council tax. On Feb 1st 2006 when the SSP Bill to replace the Council tax with our income based alternative was finally put to the vote in the Parliament the SNP and the Lib Dems, despite both being in favour of replacing the tax , voted against it. Why?
Because although it was possible to have their amendments discussed later they voted against. They did not want to see the SSP Bill succeed. The fact is neither party in 8 years have presented a Bill of their own.
Remember February Fools Day 2006 – the day both the Libs and SNP made fools of themselves and voted to keep the Council tax when it was possible to defeat it. It shows when push comes to shove they cannot be relied upon to defend the interests of working people.

We need to raise funds to fight the election fully; to raise deposits , pay for 3.5million leaflets, for 2 PPB’s, lamposters, hire open top buses, leaflets in Polish and Urdu for example.
I know candidates will speak at hundreds of hustings arranged across the country as well as the hundreds of SSP public meetings.
We will also fight like fury to get our fair share of media exposure and then watch as we are blanked as usual.

What we fight for in these elections - An Independent Socialist Scotland.
We are passionate about independence for Scotland and we see it as a democratic right to decide our own destiny. A right which will see the vast majority of Scots better off. It is not for us a dry academic lecture about the 300 year old act of union rather part of the national liberation struggle.
The polls may tell us its level pegging for independence and the status quo but behind the figures lies a demographic time bomb because support for Independence is far far higher among the young and among the working class…
It seems to me the SNP presents lukewarm support for independence, probably trying not to scare away disillusioned Labour voters. Well we are passionate about Independence and do not ever play it down.

And I believe the Cameron effect will galvanise the debate. Ask yourself what change to the dynamic occurs if in two yeas time Cameron is elected PM at Westminster and Holyrood proves to be incapable of defending our interests from his onslaught…

*Free Public Transport policy is ‘bold and imaginative’ addition to our key list of policies. It stands head and shoulders above any other suggested solution to climate change dangers.
It would mean that people across Scotland would have a real alternative, a much more attractive alternative to using their car.
It’s the same approach we had in Edinburgh with the congestion charges referendum, we said give people a better alternative to the car and they’ll take it. A collective solution to a collective problem. And to those who say £500m a year to provide free public transport for everyone across Scotland is too much, Sir Nicholas Stern has already answered you
‘The cost of doing nothing is the dearest of all’
Our policy defines the SSP’s approach perfectly; we examine the problem we face with climate change and we recognise the need for both a collective and progressive solution.

The polls, are they right or are they wrong? Both.
On the one hand they register a solid base of support for the SSP. And the one on Monday in the Scotsman predicted we’d get 2 MSP’s returned.
On the other hand they habitually underestimate the support for the SSP because we are active below their radar lines; their methods of polling do not register our base; telephone and conducted in street and not schemes.
I get people coming up to me all the time to say what sense of relief they have that the SSP has survived the monstrous attack made on us last year and grateful that they will get the chance to vote SSP again and again.

In particular I want to mention 4 people who have spoken to me recently and offered warm support for the SSP’s continued growth;
* Award winning film director Ken Loach – [see his greetings separately]
*And screenwriter Paul Laverty – [ditto]
*Charlie Reid of the Proclaimers, happy to let you know he is SSP voter.
*Suzy Hall Fairpak campaigner now a regular attender at SSP branch meetings in Edinburgh South.
*Alex Brownridge, CWU leader in Edinburgh victimised by Royal Mail happy to be known as SSP supporter.

There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that the Political ‘centre of gravity’ of the Scottish people is far to the left of both New Labour and the SNP. Our job is to mobilise and marshal that opinion.

What do the latest polls tell us? Latest polls have SSP on 2-4% each has a margin of error – 2%. Possible the SSP could have between 2-8 MSP’s

SSP has achieved miracles and survived nightmares…..
I have no doubt that the SSP will continue to be instrumental in building a united left movement, a mass party for socialism, mass party of the left in Scotland. I will be part of that movement like many hundreds of SSP activists.
BRING ON THE ELECTION, I LOOK FORWARD TO IT, TAKING OUR MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE WITH PRIDE AND CONFIDENCE - The ideas of socialism are more relevant today than they have ever been’. ENDS


George Dutton said...

Colin I was going to ask you about that picture of you addressing the Conference.I don`t know how to say this but did Blair turn up or something?.

George Dutton said...

Colin wrote...
"Blair supports Trident Two, so wee Jack McConnell says ‘I support Trident Too’!
Blair supports 20 more nuclear power stations, Jack says ‘I support 20 more nuclear power stations too’.
Blair supports the illegal and barbarous war in Iraq, Jack McConnell supports it too.
Blair supports rendition flights, so does Jack. Blair supports dawn raids, so does Jack.
Blair builds private hospitals, schools, prisons etc, so does Jack
Blair says we cannot afford pensions, Jack McConnell says likewise.
Blair widens the grotesque inequalities and so does Jack McConnell."

All this just goes to show what a TOTAL farce The Scottish Parliament is to NEW Labour MSPs.They might as well just hook up a video link to number 10 and be done with it.Jack McConnell,well being a socialist I do not believe anyone to be a waste of space.But there again there is always an exception to the rule.

George Dutton said...

Theresa May Shadow Leader of the House said...

"People think the Conservative party are the NASTY party."

For one awful moment I thought I agreed with a Tory then I realised she had said NASTY and I thought she had said Nazi.

George Dutton said...

Colin wrote...

George wrote...

George Dutton said...

With the advent of having to go to the passport office to be interviewed fingerprinted and the ever increasing slide towards a Totalitarian state here in the UK some may be Interested to know that you can get a world passport accepted by some countries in the world (NOT Great Britain).This is something we must change at the Scottish Parliament....

Just copy and paste into address bar in two parts...


I remember years ago (1960s) seeing a program about a United Nations passport that anyone could get this passport was recognised/accepted by all nations that belonged to the United Nations.It was blue and you had to apply to the United Nations to get one. The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG).Strange but I can find nothing about it now?.Worth writing to them in Geneva to find out more...

Copy and paste into address bar in three parts...

George Dutton said...

george dutton wrote...

"TOTAL farce The Scottish Parliament is to NEW Labour MSPs.They might as well just hook up a video link to number 10 and be done with it.Jack McConnell,well being a socialist I do not believe anyone to be a waste of space.But there again there is always an exception to the rule."

Jack McConnell

I see my words were Rather prophetic.Jack McDonald is the name his own party in Westminter think his name is they don`t even know who he is.So our Jack truly is the "exception to the rule" and is a "waste of space" it`s official ask Patricia Hewitt New Labours Secretary of State for Death I mean Health?.

George Dutton said...

Even if people vote for you Colin they might NOT be that`s how bad things have got under New Labour...

Taken from the Respect web site...

George Galloway exposes voting fraud - Video of Commons Speech

MPs from Poland and Germany are visiting Britain on behalf of the Council of Europe. In a humiliation for the government, they will be investigating the lack of integrity in Britain's voting system and the systematic corruption of the voting process. Voting fraud has mushroomed since the government introduced the postal voting on demand system.

In a major speech in the debate called by the Tory opposition in the Commons , George Galloway accused the government of a cynical subversion of the electoral system in order to increase their chances of winning general and local elections. Postal voting on demand has destroyed the secrecy of the ballot introduced in 1872 to stop corruption and allowed the easy theft of voters' ballot papers.

Copy and paste in two parts and then paste into address bar.

George Dutton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
George Dutton said...

On a very quiet day in the house of commons when there were only a few MPs in the house of commons a bill was passed in amongst some other bills it was a bill that broke a promise given by a Labour government back in the 1970s...

SERPS (the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme) was also known as the additional State Pension. It ran from 6 April 1978 to 5 April 2002 when it was reformed by the State Second Pension. A person who was in employment may have paid into SERPS.

New Labour have now said that...

The maximum amount of State Second Pension a person may pass on to a surviving husband, wife or civil partner is 50%.

It used to be 100% a lot of people are unaware of what has happened and think their wife or husband or partner will be looked after if they die. The surviving spouse is in for a shock.
This is something that we must remedy when Socialists come to power Colin. It is also something we should point out to people at this election Colin.

George Dutton said...

I was wondering how much is being spent ALREADY on providing bus lanes etc to keep public transport moving, and that is on going and will in the future go up and up. That must be expensive. It makes sense to have free public transport and making hugh savings in having to do all this. Makes you think what kind of a hold Big Business has over the Scottish Parliament.