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Monday, March 12, 2007

Independance on the never never?

Media Release

SSP National Convenor Colin Fox MSP has written to SNP leader Alex Salmond following comments attributed to SNP financier Sir Tom Farmer, that the nationalists intend to water down their commitment to a referendum on independence in order to placate possible Holyrood coalition partners the Lib Dems.
Colin was responding to Sunday newspapers reports that Salmond intends to put the independence referendum on hold for many years if he becomes First Minister after May's elections. 'If these reports are true and Alex Salmond intends to concede arguments to the Lib Dems and big business then independence supporters across the country will be having a 'Kwik-Fit'! the SNP leadership has postponed again and again its plans for an independence referendum and now it is relegated still further.
'Colin said: "In dancing to the tune of the business community like this, always the most luke warm supporters of independence - just as they were with devolution - Alex Salmond risks losing the support of the most passionate advocates of self determination."
"The SSP are clear that an independence referendum is an early priority after May and our MSP s will introduce just such a Bill to bring it about."
"Whilst the SNP are wavering, looking for coalition partners and relegating independence to the third division, voters will certainly recognise that it is the Scottish Socialist Party who are this country's firmest supporters of independence and I urge them to use their list votes accordingly."
"A strong group of SSP members in the next parliament can play a critical role in making sure that independence isn't kicked into the long grass."


Anonymous said...


On a completely unrelated do you feel about off-shoring and out-sourcing work out of scotland. Recently Registers of Scotland outsourced ICT work to BT, this has been slowly moving from jobs from Edinburgh to yorkshire and essex, now BT plan to off-shore a chunk of this work to Pune, India.

Do you support Scottish Government agencies employing a cheap overseas workforce? What about the security considerations? I've heard that the staff in India (who won't actually work for BT but for a Indian based company) will have full access to all the digital records held by RoS -ie free access to the systems under-pinning the scottish housing market.

I have to post this comment anonymously for obvious reasons, post something on your blog if you require further details.

George Dutton said...

Colin wrote...
"Colin said: "In dancing to the tune of the business community like this, always the most luke warm supporters of independence"

What do the SNP stand for VERY little.The way all this is turning out looks like Scotland is going to the same place as England DOWN THE DRAIN.It`s halfway there now.Has anyone else noticed that with everyday that passes the SNP look more and more like NEW Labour.

George Dutton said...

If all this keeps going the way it is Colin you will have to make a new poster of Blair changing into Salmond.

George Dutton said...

Colin wrote...
"Sunday newspapers reports that Salmond intends to put the independence referendum on hold for many years if he becomes First Minister"

This is what is SO WRONG and why we are all in such a mess in the UK.By doing this the SNP are saying that they want the Trident nuclear weapons system in Scotland for that is what they will get if the above turns out to be true Colin.What can you say when you face this kind of thinking well all I can think off is that some are wanting to put/get their heads and hands into that well used money trough and Scotland can go and take care of itself for they don`t give a hoot.So all there fine words would have come to nought?.

George Dutton said...

I think that what has happened here is that the powers who/that be? want to keep the union alive and have BOUGHT the time to make that so.At the end of the day the SNP didn`t have any GUTS.
This I think will fuse Scotland and England together PERMANENTLY AS ONE.
The SNP have said that at the end of their Reign of Terror they will hold a referendum.How things will have changed by then is ?.
They must strike now while the iron is hot to stand the best chance off Independance and they know it.

Well fellow Scots how does it feel to be for all intent and purpose English living in Englands largest county Scotland.

Fareweel tae all oor Scottish fame
Fareweel oor ancient glory
Fareweel even tae oor Scottish name
Sae famed in martial story
We're bought and sold for English gold
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation

Robert Burns (1759-1796)

Burns was someone that did have FORESIGHT.

George Dutton said...

To come back to all this the SHEER insanity off it all...

The English say they want their own Parliament an English Parliament because they don`t want Scots voting on English matters? as Scots don`t want the English voting on their matters.What a whole load off...

If you add up all the Scots MPs,all the MPs from Wales AND all the MPs from Northern Ireland they cannot stop all the English MPs from doing what they like because they are OUTNUMBERED.The English RULE the Westminster Parliament which in turn rules the union of the UK.There is NOT never has been a West Lothian Question it is a RED HERRING.Then it follows that there is an Edinburgh Question and yes a Cardiff Question.But the English DON`T want to talk about that (I wonder why).

George Dutton said...

Something very strange here...

If the SNP were to hold a referendum on independence very soon after winning control of the Scottish Parliament they would have to deal with a Scottish Prime Minister?.Very good chance of getting a fair deal for Scotland.

If they wait until the end of their Reign of Terror to hold a referendum they could well end up trying to deal with an English Tory Prime Minister.They would be VERY lucky to come out of such a meeting not having to pay a hugh sum in compansation to England for breaking up the union on the grounds it would have a detrimental effect on England.

So what has Scotland got to negotiate about? well there could well be untold wealth under the British sector at the South pole oil/mineral wealth for one thing.

The SNP must know about all this so the question is WHY??? just doesn`t add up.