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Monday, November 27, 2006

Air-brushed into History!

Article from the Herald Diary 24/11/06

The Scottish Parliaments annual report has just been published and the front cover makes for interesting reading at least. It shows all 128 MSP’s posing together in a group photograph on the steps leading up from the Garden lobby at Holyrood to the debating chamber.

But look closely and you notice that all is not as it seems. Because the picture was taken earlier this summer when all of the SSP MSP’s were, dare I mention it, tied up elsewhere! Suffice it to say that they had their mug shots taken separately and then airbrushed into the photo later on.

Not quite the experience Trotsky had,eh?

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George Dutton said...

Deceit is there middle name.This proves that nothing is as it seems.They must have got the idea from the Ford motor company.