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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Scots ‘Economically, socially, culturally and politically better off Independent’

Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox will tell a public meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow night that Scots would be ‘economically, socially, culturally and politically better off’ under Independence.

Responding to polls which suggest a majority of voters want more powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament rather than outright independence, Mr Fox told us.
‘Ironically it is the powers that devolution denies people that they want the most.
-the power to raise all our own revenues, including oil revenues and Corporation Tax,
-the power to keep Scottish soldiers from being sent to fight in a illegal war in Iraq,
-the power to get rid of Trident nuclear weapons based on the Clyde
-the power to reverse the privatisation of our public services.
-the power to lift the low paid out of poverty and raise the minimum wage to £8/ hour,
-the power to pay seniors a decent pension not the pittance they currently receive,
-the power to redistribute the huge wealth of Scotland from the rich to the poor.
These are the powers voters want but we of course we will simply not get them unless we are independent, that’s the rub!

‘I have no doubt that working people would be economically, socially, culturally and politically better off under Independence.

‘There can also be no doubt nowadays that the political centre of gravity of most Scots is to the left of New Labour – and the New SNP for that matter! I therefore urge voters to ensure there is a full socialist presence at Holyrood after May 3rd to insist on the changes they want most.’

Public meeting details ;
Speakers Colin Fox MSP and Lloyd Quinan [Former SNP MSP]
Thursday 5th April 7.30pm
St Augustines Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh


George Dutton said...

I would put it to the Scottish people that on May the 3rd it will no longer be a case of Independence from a union with England but Independence from a union with the USA that a union with England brings Scotland. There will be no dividend in anyway for the Scottish people to go down this road. Make no mistake about it Scotland`s future will be more and more decided in the White House then it will in Westminster. England has decided to go down this road. Far better for Scotland that it follows successful countries like Sweden,Iceland,Ireland,Norway. After all Scotland is already a member of the small countries block within the European Union that is where Scotland`s future lies not in more Instability in employment/housing/medical treatment/pension swindles and the awful lies that right wing thinking has and is given us all in a society based on greed where only the strong grow stronger and we the people and our children grow ever weaker and poorer. The time has come to take this dog collar and lead off that drags us down this road. Stability is the dividend Independence will bring Scotland and now is the time to grab it for yourself`s and for the thing you love most your children. A vote for socialism is the only vote that will give you all this and remember and remember this well the socialists are the only ones that have not lied to you the others have you know this so why give them your vote now.

George Dutton said...

It should be pointed out that all the dire consequences New Labour/Tories/Lib Dems are saying Scotland will be faced with if it goes Independent are an admission by them that after 300yrs of the union Scotland cannot stand on it`s own two feet. Does that not tell Scots it`s time to get out of the union if that is what the union is doing to Scotland. It is an admission by New Labour/Tories/Lib Dems that a better future lies outside the union.

Kathy Eyre said...

If all your opposition is like this Labour numpty. We'll be independant by May!

I thought it was a spoof when I first read it.

George Dutton said...

Health care and free prescriptions...

One of the most Sicking sights I have ever seen was when the Lib Dems and their ex leader Jim Wallace now ex member of the Scottish Parliament voted AGAINST a bill for free prescriptions. The bill was brought before the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Socialist Party. After the vote Colin Fox leader of the Scottish Socialist Party said this when addressing the Scottish Parliament...

"I note the Lib Dems voted against this bill knowing that they are going to put free prescriptions into a future Manifesto, hypocrites and hypocrites to a man."

Jim Wallace and his fellow Lib Dems nearly fell off the chairs they thought this was hilarious...

What are we really dealing with when a so called civlised society makes there fellow human beings go without much needed treatment to be able to cope with pain and even premature death that can/may be averted.What kind of being does this?. In the animal kindom there are animals that try to help each other when they are ill,seems the Lib Dems/New Labour/Tories have not reach this leval of attainment in their evolution.Will they ever?.

George Dutton said...

An SNP supporter ask me this question...

"So when does the whip round start from the trade union barons to fund Labour's election campaign?"

I replied...

Hmmm, about the same time the SNP whip round start from Big business.

George Dutton said...

This is what is so wrong in politics and life itself...

We have the present Trident and the Trident that is to come many years down the road. Unless Scotland becomes Independent it can do nothing about Trident. If ALL the MSPs shout till their blue in the face it will not do any good. For the SNP to say they will "Invest in schools and hospitals,not in Trident" what does that mean???. They have no say in stopping the money going to pay for Trident as long as Scotland is in the union.

Now bear with me on this one...

Blair is in a rush to get the NEW Trident deal done before he leaves office, to get Britain committed to the deal. He says we must start planning now. How will Scotland fair if it goes Independent in four years time? as Scotland may well have to still pay for the NEW Trident as when it was signed upto and funds committed to pay for it Scotland was still part of the union thereby must still pay there share of the cost?. Can someone Enlighten Me on that point. I don`t know the answer. Please remember Britain may well have signed upto to buy it from the USA before Scotland goes Independent.

George Dutton said...

In 2005-6 3.8m children were in poverty - in homes on less than 60% of average income including housing costs.

Figures showing a 200,000 rise in UK children living in relative poverty last year have been described as a "moral disgrace" by Barnardo's.

Copy and paste in two parts and paste into address bar.